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What we wear should reflect the personality of our own. But I feel that I have a lot of personality. But this year I had time to leave the colored clothes to wear. I do not know why, but I've been uncomfortable when wearing them. A week ago I really love the color black. But somehow I feel strange when wearing a black outfit from top to bottom. I also sometimes suspected by security guards when entering a mall or shopping center. I probably looked like criminals or witches. Hmmmm so I returned again to wear all white outfit this week. The funny thing is when I took this photoshoot, I changed my outfit be all black. And I feel the difference.


White t-shirt/Morning Whistle 
White shirts and pants/Uniqlo 
White marble sailor bag/Cakravala

Whatever the color of your clothes, you have to feel comfortable when wearing them. Do not wear it because it follows the trend. But be trendsetters.

Wearing a flannel shirt of course not unusual anymore for men. Because shirt is one of the favorite must-have fashion item. Especially for those of you who have always wanted to look neat and preppy. Today many ways people to wear flannel shirts. There is wear it as outerwear, tops or perhaps as the main outfit. It all depends on your personal style. You also do not need to be confused to find or buy a flannel shirt. For you who like to shop online, there are many quality flannel shirt collection in Zalora Indonesia. There you can find various kinds of flannel shirts for women or men with a variety of colors and patterns. For your inspiration, I show some male fashion bloggers with different dress style using a flannel shirt.

I sometimes also like to wear a shirt but for flannel shirt arguably rare. But someday I also wants to look different from wearing a flannel shirt. A.S.A.P.
Photos diary from yesterday trip to Jakarta street.


Hello I'm back with music review. This time I'll review new album of Gamal Audrey Cantika ( GAC ). This album contains 10 tracks with a variety of songs and music. Ranging from slow to upbeat. What I like of this vocal group because in one of the album and also their first album before there was one song that is sung respectively by their own solo. Their songs are also not always about love in a personal but also love between people, and also in love with the beloved country, Indonesia. In terms of style, they also changed the total of the previous album colorful become monochrome. Colors like black, white and gray to their current style. My favorite song. Hmmmmm I love all songs in this album, specially "Happy", "Stronger" and "For Indonesia". Always success to GAC and hopefully someday I can meet with you three. Amen.

 You and me we got to be stronger. 
You and me we're gonna be stronger. 
You and me, together we're stronger.
- Stronger , GAC -


Photo by: me


Hello blog. It's been a long time I did not greet blogs that make me a lot of change. Certainly changed in positive terms. I'm glad to be back, actually rather I will again write on this blog. Not just any photo. But I will be back with the inscription, photo diary along with stories about places I visited, product reviews, reviews of music and many more things. Obviously with my age now, I feel that this is the best time to reinstate my blog as before.


Yup you would never see my photoshoot location this time. About a year ago I was ever here. Its glad to be back here. Because I feel this location matches the outfit that I wear. Street wear. T-shirt with a hoodie, black pants, sneakers and totebag. Simple and truly reflect my personal style now. Somehow I felt it was no longer appropriate to use with a colorful outfit.

Explore Hoodie t-shirt / Nrdn 
Pants / Forever 21 Men 
Sneaker / Nike Merqueen 
Totebag / Thanksinsomnia

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