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Dork three tone tote bag / Tipegue.com t-shirt / Unbranded pants /
 Uniqlo sandals & socks

Time sometimes it feels fast. Have you done what you had planned at the beginning of this year. Whatever you plan and how you turn it into a reality, always do your best wherever you are. Do not think too much, but more action. Due to the action of us, what we think can not, definitely be do able.

ORIGIN t-shirt / NORDIN backpack 

As human beings we definitely have a bad character. No man is perfect, because God created among the many advantages we have, surely there will be a shortage. Talk about a "show off", one of the characteristics that I think is bad. Should be distinguished between the "show off" and "sharing". For me, when we use the products made in the country or abroad, then we post on instagram account, blog or other social media does not mean that we "show off". But we just want to share or tell people about where we buy it. And we also introduced a new brand that many people may not know. Depending on how people judge, whatever it is for what we do well and do not have bad intentions, just do it.
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