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H&M maroon tank // Herschel backpack // OHW? shoes 

The past is where we can only remember. Not to be forever remembered, but just we remember what happened in the past. Always look to the past only makes us stuck. Stuck in the situation where we do not want to progress and move forward. Talking about the past, last sunday I visited the transport museum. There you can view a variety of means of transport time immemorial. I am very interested to make double-decker bus in the background of my photoshoot. Unfortunately this situation is not well maintained double decker and more unfortunately again I can not get into it. But somehow I just realized that the red color on this bus fits perfectly with the color of the tanks that I wear.

Ps : Next sunday I'll make " HALLOWEEN " photoshoot. So excited !

Uniqlo blue t-shirt & knit beanie  //

As I was taking some photos at this place, a lot of people who saw and when I passed them laugh. It's not unusual for me. Although many are mocking me since I made this blog. I can prove to them all, if I can still survive until now of course with the progress that different from when I started ini.Tanpa existence of this blog I may still be made ​​more private, quiet, scared and someone who does not care about their appearance. Currently I'm trying to change everything in life. I started changing my attitude from a more mature and do something by using logic and not just a moment of emotion. For I am now, I'm trying to make my body better look good. Not with a workout at the gym but by adjusting my diet. I see a lot of male bloggers who he was short like me anticipate that the more attractive appearance by forming a thinner body. Hopefully I can still survive until finally I succeed later. Amen.

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