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Zip vest  & Stripes long sleeve : Unbranded
Totebag : Cotton Ink
Skinny pants : Forever 21 Men

Why do I suddenly want to talk about love? Though Valentine's Day falls in February is still too long to talk about. Love actually. Love is universal. Not only between people, but also among animals, plants, and this time I want to foster love is love at work and in love with yourself. Sometimes we feel that our work is not a job that we love. Solely to seek material, in fact we realize we've been in love with what we do. To love ourselves does not mean we are narcissistic, but before loving others we must love ourselves. Because then we are so much easier to love others.

" Don't expect and want what we want to always be true . But with the sincere intention to do something , surely what we can be in accordance with what we expect . Always do your best without any hope ."

Just Flip It t-shirt : 8Wood
Leather jacket & pants : Unbranded
Loafer shoes : Zalora Basic

I am only human. Which certainly has a good side and a bad side. Do not see someone of the bad things he's done. But give it a chance for him to show the good things he can do. Because when we look at the good side of a person, the worse it will disappear by itself.
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